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World of Tanks

In this free-to-play online game, you have the chance to command some of the most iconic tanks ever to hit the battlefield during the greatest conflict the world has ever seen.
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World of Tanks Description

In this free-to-play online game, you have the chance to command some of the most iconic tanks ever to hit the battlefield during the greatest conflict the world has ever seen.


World of Tanks is a client-based tank simulation game that will pit you against thousands of other players from around the world and have you fighting to prove yourself. Featuring realistic graphics and combat, it will take more than just a powerful weapon to ensure victory. You have to work together with your teammates in order to defeat your opponents.

This game is all about tanks

The number of tanks that are available to you is quite large. There are tanks from the USA, Soviet Union, Britain and France. Each country has their own unique tanks, some of which being instantly recognizable, and their own tech tree.

For example, the German tanks feature a tech tree for the mighty Tiger tank. The more battles you win, the more experience you will be able to gain. This gives you the opportunity to unlock new equip and upgrades, making it a fiercer opponent than ever before.

However, there is not just one kind of tank for you to take control of in World of Tanks. Instead of having classes, there are different kinds of tanks:

•Light tanks (VK 1602 Leopard)
•Medium Tanks (Panther II)
•Heavy Tanks (Löwe)
•Tank destroyers (Panzerjäger I)
•SPGs (Wespe)

Each type of tank in World of Tanks features different skills and abilities, making them fit for different jobs on the battlefield. Knowing the role of your tank will serve you and your team well.

Get to know other commanders with social features

There is also a very active community in the World of Tanks forums including new-users guides as well as a number of helpful charts that help you understand the tech trees better for the large number of tanks that are available.

One of the more unique features that is available to you is the connection with other “World of” titles. The in-game currency you earn in while playing the downloadable game can be used in such titles as the upcoming World of Battleships or the dogfighting-filed World of Warplanes.

by Kyle Hayth

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