World of Tanks: Update 8.4 Announced – More British Tanks Coming

02/08/2013 06:13 am by Kyle Hayth in NewsDownload GamesAction Games

The British are coming, the British are coming! Well – again… as part of the coming update in the free-to-play tank simulator game, World of Tanks. The next update is in the works and it will bring an entire fleet of new British, German and Soviet vehicles.

Though there hasn’t been much information released, such as what the exact launch date will be for update 8.4, there has been a load of fun graphics and new screenshots released. However, there should be more information regarding the public test as the date for launch approaches.

The new British tank tree.

Additionally, there are going to be some new things for you tankers out there to discover as there have been four maps – Steppes, Ensk, Fisherman’s Bay and Live Oaks – updated.

Source: Game homepage
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