World of Tanks Test: Tactics Are the Key – Not Money

07/11/2012 05:48 am by Kyle Hayth in TestsDownload GamesAction Games

World of Tanks Rating

  • Pro:
  • tons of tanks to choose from
  • very realistic
  • terrain plays part in tactics
  • detailed, animated tanks
  • 22 abilities for your crew
  • experience more important than money
  • fitting music
  • Contra:
  • hard for beginners
  • gaining levels is slow
  • sometimes too realistic
Overall rating75/100


It takes a while for World of Tanks to really be a fun game but once the tanks started rolling onto the battlefield, the action-packed title delievered what it promises. Until that point however, beginners should bring a lot of money with them into the game and be very patient. Rather than charging head-long into the battle, the necessity of tactics and strategy are really what had us getting into the gameplay.
This, of course, was helped by the realistic quality of the game mechanics and the textures of World of Tanks. The environment and battlefields are life-like and let you feel like you are actually controlling a powerful machine of war against your opponents.
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